Delegate Rules and Expectations

All delegates are expected to follow all school rules when participating in GC Houston. Delegates should present themselves in a professional manner and strive to represent their country to the best of their ability in an honest fashion.

Cell Phone Use

Delegates should not be on their phones during formal debate. If the Chair allows it, delegates may use cell phones for research purposes during informal debate (unmoderated caucus) or during lunch. Delegates seen not following the cell phone policy will be asked to put them away and their sponsor will be notified.

Name Tags

Delegates should wear name tags at all times and report to their committee room unless notified otherwise. Delegates found roaming the hallways will be taken to their sponsor immediately.

Dress Code

Delegates are expected to dress in Western Business Professional attire. We understand that not all delegates may have access to WBP, so they are encouraged to wear their school uniforms. Absolutely no jeans or open toed shows are allowed. Ladies should refrain from wearing uncomfortable shoes, as there is a considerable amount of walking.

Pre-written Resolutions

GC Houston strives to promote an environment that fosters diplomacy and negotiation in all committees. With this in mind, delegates are not permitted to bring pre-written resolutions of any kind to the conference.


Note passing will be permitted in committees at the discretion of the dais and may be suspended at any time. Notes must be professional and pertinent to the topic. Violations of this rule will result in suspension of note passing and action may be taken by the Secretary-General in regards to the sender(s) of the notes in question.

Smoking, Alcohol, & Drugs

Smoking is prohibited in all conference buildings at all times. Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited at all times and in all places, including any part of campus. Any delegate caught in possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be barred from any and all future conferences and sent home immediately.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is prohibited. This conference defines sexual harassment as:

  1.  An unwanted sexual advance that may take the form of inappropriate sexual or suggestive comments, sounds, or jokes; unsolicited touching.
  2.  Such conduct that has the purpose effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s academic performance, or of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational, social, living or working environment.
  3. Incidents of sexual harassment should be immediately reported to a faculty or a conference staff member. The Secretary General will deal with these problems directly.