Mission + Vision



Global Classrooms Houston is a Model United Nations conference which focuses on education and diplomacy. The mission of our conference is to introduce students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to international relations and policy. Unlike many conferences, we strive to educate our delegates throughout the entire process, knowing full well that their access to resources is limited. During our Delegate Resource Workshop and throughout the conference itself, our college volunteers, known as Secretariat Members, work closely with each delegate so they leave with a sense of success and pride in working towards the UN’s goal of peace and security.

Unlike most MUN conferences, GC Houston prides itself on being committed to reaching the needs of each delegate. We are not a competitive conference and that is the bread and butter of what we do. Rigorous debate and discussion are paired with the expertise our Dais members offer to each delegate, allowing them to grasp complex topics on international relations. Every child has something to offer, and GC Houston will help bring those ideas to the forefront with the use of Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure.

Throughout the research and writing process as well as the day of the conference, delegates will learn real-world skills they can put into practice in any field, soft skills that will make our students ready for the 21-st century workforce and be competitive inside and outside the classroom.

Those skills include but are not limited to:

Public Speaking

Research writing and drafting

Negotiation and compromise

Data collection and analysis