Payment Information

Delegate fees are $10 per delegate. We do not have school or sponsors fees. Fees must be paid before or on the conference date. Delegates must be registered through the school sponsor (teacher) and the sponsor or chaperone must be present at the conference.

Invoices are based upon the number of participants and will be sent to schools after they register. We understand that delegate numbers change, but final numbers will be taken by April 17. Payment will be based on the final numbers. Fees are non-refundable and no-shows are not afforded a refund. If you wish to add last-minute delegates, please notify us by email immediately.


Ways to pay:

  • Online via PayPal coming soon.
  • By Check made out to UNA Houston and mailed to the UNA Houston office. Checks and cash may also be brought the morning of the conference. (Remember, payment due will be based on final numbers collected by April 17, unless additional last-minute delegates are added.)


For more information, contact us at